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Ethan Saves Himself!

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Ethan Saves Himself! written by Dena Blum-Rothman and Sydney Rothman; Illustrated by Claudia Wolf.

A wonderful story based on real-life events of how a young boy learns to “Swim-Float-Swim” and, by
remembering his training, he saves himself “TWICE” with “no flotation device!”

Complete with 10 drowning facts for parents to know.

Full spread illustrations in lifelike style.
Publisher: Seahorse Publishing
Publication date: 10/05/2021
Pages: 32
Product Dimensions: 10.15(w) x 10.15(h) x 0.15(d) - softcover
Age Range: infant – 7 years

DROWNING is Preventable!! Survival swimming lessons save lives. They are NOT like traditional lessons. These lessons teach children as young as 6-months-old how to RESCUE THEMSELVES in an aquatic emergency.

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